Respect for Life, Love for Humanity…

Generica was founded in September 2007. The company, which embodies experienced and distinguished experts, released its first product for the use of Turkey and Turkish people in September 2009. Generica determined to maintain its increasing power with each passing day, as evident in its several different medication products and license applications, aims to be persistent in the sector.


Our Vision

Our vision is to stand out as a fast growing, preferred and reputable company by contributing to the Turkish pharmaceutical market with new products…  

We are also determined to have a voice in the treatment areas taken place and improve the quality of life for Turkish people with equivalent products. 

Our Mission

In line with the principle of “With Respect for Life, With Love for Humanity”, our mission is to develop and present to the use of the community the best, the newest and the safest products for human health by always employing the most advanced technologies. It is also our mission to make our employees feel valued and important by providing equal opportunities to them while performing these goals.

Our Ethical Approach

As Generica, our main responsibility is to comply with the law and the ethical rules by valuing the human health and science above all while maintaining our operations.

Our primary source of strength is our responsibility and care for human life. In short, as a participative and transparent foundation with a sense of justice, Generica prioritizes ethical values and social awareness.

Generica also protects endeavor and humanity and will decisively continue protecting them.

Our Values

  • Integrity / intimacy
  • Quality and client-focused
  • Continuous improvement
  • Solidarity / sharing
  • Speed and result-oriented

Social Responsibility

As Generica, one of our main goals is to contribute to the social and economic improvement of the society. This also means to endeavor for improving the quality of life of the entire society. Health, education, environment and culture are prioritized fields for us. Generica places emphasis on the collaboration with the non-governmental organizations and regards supporting any initiative on the public benefit as a fundamental duty by gaining strength from the principle of “With Respect for Life, With Love for Humanity”.