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Generica Pharmaceutical Industry consists of research and development personnel with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Generica provides innovative products to R&D Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry with a self-assigned duty of ensuring high levels of collaboration between the industry and the university. In this sense, Generica develops new products with TÜBİTAK by taking creative thinking as a model. The difference between the developed products shows itself with the finalization of the patent applications of the R&D formulation studies.

All products in Generica’s portfolio are produced within the framework of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good laboratory practices (GLP) rules; and the R&D studies of these products are conducted within the limits of international regulations (ICH-EMEA). Generica R&D aims to transfer its vision and mission to the future generations with the principle of creating the new, thinking outside the box and applicability to industry.

Generica R&D

  • Patent review
  • Formulation of new products and improving all analytical operations
  • Management of bioequivalence studies
  • Preparation of CTD
  • Management and control of technological transferring process