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Selection & Placement

Implementation of a verbal and written exam in the personnel recruitment is essential. Considering the feature of the open position and the limitation of job vacancy, either verbal or written exam might not be held. The candidates are supposed to take verbal or written exams, interviews and other assessment methods depending on the major duties and responsibilities of the job opening.

·        Examinations: Candidates are generally supposed to take the exams listed below. Only the successful candidates are invited for an interview. The exams of those who violate the rules are not valid.

·        Foreign Language Exam: Candidates are supposed to take a verbal and written English language exam for the departments that require knowledge of a foreign language. The company may hold a vocational foreign language exam for the departments and positions that knowledge of a foreign language is considered essential.

·         Professional Knowledge Exam: Candidates are supposed to take a verbal and/or written exam for the positions that require a specific vocational knowledge.

·        Interview: The assessment of the required competencies and qualifications of the candidate for the applied position will be done in an interview. It is essential to include experienced members on Interview Techniques in the interviews.

·        Other Assessment Methods: In order to assess the behavioral competencies of the candidates, which did not take an exam or showed success in the exams, it is essential to use other assessment methods if considered necessary. The necessary qualifications and competencies of the candidates are assessed through these methods.

·       Training Contract: The candidates are required to sign a training contract covering the training period when the applied position necessitates Initial Basic Training. Those who are proven successful in the trainings are hired. Those who are not successful in the training are given a second chance to take an exam. If the candidate fails, the training contract is terminated automatically without any notice. The departments requiring compulsory Initial Basic Training are identified by the Corporate Board.

·       Invitation and Job Statement: Recruitment documents are requested from the final candidates with an invitation to work. Candidates from the waiting list will be invited instead of the ones who failed to submit the documents before the deadline or declined the employment proposal.

·        Orientation: Orientation programme aims to inform the newly recruited personnel about the company operations and the operation mode as well as to expedite the adaptation process and prevent the possible cost and errors of the waste of time during this process. Orientation is held during the training and trial period.